Thursday, February 5, 2009

Energy Efficient Power Supply

Are your shopping for a new computer? If you are or just wanting to replace an old ATX power supply.... LISTEN UP!

Not many people know but your typical low end or budget ATX power supply is very inefficient in how it uses electricity. A typical 600W power supply will actually use quite a bit more then 600W in fact would draw more like 1000W if its rated 60% efficient. Thats a lot of money wasted... not to mention all the heat it generates. The additional 400W is HEAT! 

There is a new generation of power supplies rated "80Plus" this means a typical 300W power supply would only draw 375W power because it is 80% efficient. Read this

Stop turning money into heat.... buy one of these 80Plus power supplies, save money on your electrical bills and reduce heat output in your computer case... your CPU will thank you.

Here is a list of manufacturers with 80Plus power supplies 

Russian Airline says "drunk" pilot is not a problem!


Wait just one minute... since when is it ok to pilot an airplane while drunk? What is more astounding is Aeroflot (Russian National Airline) didn't think there was anything wrong and was defending their pilot. They even made up some story about him getting high blood pressure from the ordeal. Yeah right... more like recovering alcoholic needed treatment.  I for one am glad passengers stood up for themselves and refused to fly with this guy.  

This story makes you think, next time you fly... ask yourself is my pilot sober?

Full story here