Saturday, January 10, 2009

Palm Pre Mobile Phone - iPhone Killer?

What a surprise, Palm has made quite a splash with this device at CES 2009.

I've always loved Palm devices; I've had numerous Palm PDA's and most recently (until the iPhone) was a devoted Palm Treo 650 user. I really liked the Palm platform although constant crashes of the Palm OS was a pain in the rear. My Treo rebooted at least once a day. When the iPhone hit the street I jumped on it right away. Palm OS was so very much outdated. I couldn't wait for the iPhone it was like a breath of fresh air.

I've been using the iPhone for quite some time now; absolutely love it. Although there are a few things I really hate. 

1.  Apple's almost anal control of the device and the App Store
2. No Copy/Paste
3. No Tethering
4. iTunes centric

I'm sure many out there feel the same way and dare I say Apple is acting like Microsoft in some respect? ~locking people in... Don't get me wrong I'll be the first to thank Apple for reinventing the mobile phone market. For years mobile phones were blah; no innovation from any major player (Nokia, Motorola, Sony Erricson) These guys were all asleep at the wheel. Then Apple came out with a huge punch and became a runaway leader from day one. Now everyone is trying to catch up. Great to see!

Given all the iPhone wanna-be devices out there I'm so glad Palm did not follow the rest like a Lemming. From the screenshots and youtube videos it definitely looks like Palm's new Web OS has some unique and interesting features (i.e. Card Stack and Multitasking) I think multitasking will be important moving forward and the killer feature of future mobile phones. Unfortunately Apple in its wisdom excluded multitasking from the iPhone. I wonder if they'll change their mind in future updates?

I guess time will tell if Palm's Pre will help them regain past glory... and reverse current dwindling market share. 

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