Monday, March 8, 2010

Energizer Battery Charger Contains Remote Access Backdoor

Energizer Battery Charger Contains Remote Access Backdoor | threatpost

This is not the first time a seemingly innocent consumer product contained a trojan. Just another example of a company not doing their due diligence. Instead Energizer probably contracted the lowest bidder to create some add-on piece of software for their consumer product. In this case Energizer's USB battery charger product. I understand the concept of outsourcing however when you're placing your reputation and Energizer has a big one you should ensure you're entrusting it to a reputable vendor. Ultimately Energizer executives are responsible for this embarrassing situation. They should have done their homework. Perhaps the lawsuits that come out of this situation will make them realize the error of their ways. Only time will tell. C'mon corporate America smarten up.

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