Monday, March 16, 2009

iMac - A Switcher's Story - Day 5

DAY 5 +

iMac has been great! Sweet machine!. I even have my wife drooling over it. She totally blew me away how quickly she's adopted Apple and OS X. Even now she'll walk by it and comment "wow, I love this computer" and believe me my wife is not a computer lover. In fact she hates them. She tolerates them and no more... really. If it wasn't for the Internet she wouldn't use one.

I've loaded all software and configured everything just the way I like it. I must admit I don't miss Windows or IE one bit. Not that I was an IE fan. In fact Internet Exploiter is something I despise and use only when no other options available. I've enjoyed using Safari 4 even in Beta its one excellent browser. I don't miss Microsoft Office, Outlook or any Windows applications. Everything I've needed to accomplish to date including (Torrents, FTP, DVD Burning, Skype) I've done well and with less headaches.

Don't get me wrong there are a few things I miss (Games and AnyDVD) I have not found an OS X equivalent. But these are small sacrifices for the peace and tranquility OS X offers. I certainly don't miss the constant Anti Virus and Spyware WHAT IF? questions. Every time I used Online Banking I would ask myself should I check for any viruses? I wonder If I'm infected with anything. Well with OS X I don't have to worry about it at least not yet.

There is one thing I do hate, well maybe hate is too strong. I'll say 'dislike' ~ iMac's new smaller keyboard. I find it small, cramped and at times difficult to type.

Over all I've bought into Steve Jobs evangelical Apple sermon. I've been converted. Amen Father Steve!

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