Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Will Apple survive Steve Jobs' Retirement

Will Apple survive? This question has been asked, reviewed, smelled, analyzed, calculated, x-rayed, argued, debated and more with Steve Jobs taking a health break from daily company operations. Today Apple held an iPhone 3.0 preview event and Steve as expected was no where in sight. Initially many pundits said Apple will suffer without Steve most talking doom and gloom. It seems however not everyone is looking to sell their Apple stock, in fact it seems Apple's stock price is doing quite well; despite Steve's absence.

In the late 90's it seemed certain Apple Computer as a company was toast; sinking faster then the Titanic. Along came Steve and pulled his beloved Apple from certain death. He's done an amazing job in returning Apple to its former glory. But what happens when Steve departs once again and this time for good? I'm guessing nothing; at least in the long run. Yes I do believe there may be initial shock waves with some instability following Steve's departure, but if Steve surrounded himself with the right kind of people, people capable of running Apple with same conviction and passion I believe Apple will survive and prosper.

I think some recent changes (i.e. MacWorld Conference) is putting some of these changes in play, in part getting everyone ready for his departure. Steve certainly is not front and centre as much these days, his generals are taking his place at some recent events. Its a hard adjustment, but it seems Apple is making baby steps in weaning us off Steve's drug. I'm as guilty as the next Apple Fanboy, waiting to hear his next sermon of the next great Apple must have product. But ultimately we have no choice, Steve is getting older and we all know that sad day is coming when Steve will officially resign his papacy. But until then keep saying... I believe in Steve he'll be with us forever!

There you have it, Google as my witness I predict Apple will survive and prosper after Steve Jobs departs.

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